Consultancy "

Designs, Drawings and Quality supervision

  • Reinforced soil walls (RSW) using Geosynthetics products and *Metal Strips (*Compulsory tender requirement).
  • Reinforced steep slopes (RSS) using Geosynthetics products,
  • Ground Improvement using unconventional methods,
  • Lender Engineer and Project Valuer for Highway projects,
  • Highway and Structural designs, drawings and supervision.

1. In 2010, we are the pioneer and successfully deliver the concept of consultancy services in Geosynthetics market in India while the market was governed by only manufacturers and their applicators. The contractors were not getting project specific solution, but they were being offered product specific solutions suggested by marketing person. Marketing persons were taking advantage (presently also) of the fact that all NHAI consultants and government officials are not aware of detailed design procedures, selection of correct Geosynthetics. In present Indian scnerio also every Geosynthetics manufacturer is not having experienced team of technical personnel. While working with us, contractors are getting project specific conclusive solution with quality supervision.

Project Specific
Design "

2. Our main strategy is providing cost effective, sustainable, innovative solution to contractors as per project specific conditions with quality supervision by experienced technical personnel. Our experienced, diligent team offers major advantages especially during the time when a complicated problem arises at project site without prior notice, by providing timely solution and no waste time in looking good professional. When we say, project specific, it means each time; we approach to the contractor with technologically unique solution. We have already implemented technical research at site for ground improvement in swelling soil/black cotton soil with modification as per project specific condition.

3. We support innovation since inception. We have developed our own facia systems that save concrete in huge quantity. We have developed our own economical designs of RSW. We support national and internationally accepted conclusive current research by delivering it at site with experience team of technical and site personnel. Since accepting the Geosynthetics for construction of Reinforced soil walls in India, every manufacturer/applicator focused/bargained on cost of Geosynthetics/Labors/Supply of other accessories with contractors that affect manufacturers/applicators because concrete was being supplied by contractors. While we focused on reducing the consumption of concrete as wells as reducing consumption of Geosynthetics and other materials at competitive rates.

4. We provide "project specific"conclusive and cost effective solution with quality supervision, while manufacturer supply "product specific" solution including labors and other accessories after adding profit on each items. Working with us contractor has greater flexibility in selection and purchasing of qualitative Geosynthetics products across the world. Switching of Geosynthetics manufacturer (without affecting the project completion time and other teams like labors, designer, supervision personnel) is very easy even during project execution phase, when particular manufacturer fails to supply products timely without any legitimate reason and/or supply inferior product in middle of the project. We assist contractors to purchase correct Geosynthetics.

5. Our professional consultancy services in the specialized filed of Civil Engineering i.e. Reinforced Soil Walls (RSW) and Reinforced Steep Slopes (RSS), Soil Nailing, Erosion protection of high embankments, Ground improvement using unconventional techniques (NH5), Monitoring and solution for serviceability failure of RSW, Structural and highway design with supervision, lender engineer and project valuer for highway projects

Key "

  • Innovative unique design solutions,
  • Correct choice of geosynthetics products (QC/QA),
  • Proper installation techniques,
  • Advice and right kind of testings,
  • Saving in cost and time,
  • Overall cost effective & pleasing aesthetics facia,
  • Advice geosynthetics product,software and equipment design and developmen,
  • Enviornmental safety.

GISPL participated and delivers high value added solutions in the whole gamut of the following Geosynthetics Engineering areas:

  • Geotechnical Engineering,
  • Geo environmental Engineering,
  • Coastal/Hydraulics/Water Resources Engineering,
  • Mining Engineering,
  • Agricultural Engineering .


Additional Interested "

  • Highways/ Pavement roads, Railways and Airport runways,
  • Pavement rehabilitation and strengthening,
  • Land reclamation (Ground improvement),
  • Basal reinforcement/Piled embankment on soft soil,
  • Pot hole/Reflection cracking/Asphalt overlays,
  • Shore protection, River training, Coastal erosion and Scour control,
  • Rock fall protection/Control,
  • Landscaping, Buildings, Water Harvesting, Basement Water Proofing,
  • Landfills and Capping (Municipal solid waste, Industrial hazardous waste, Low level radio active waste),
  • Dewatering (Municipal and Industrial sludge, Marine sediment and Animal waste),
  • Separation , Filtration, Drainage and Erosion control, Re-vegetation,
  • Tunnel, Dams and Water reservoirs, Canals, Ponds, Tailing Dams and Mine Rehabilitation.
  • Sports fields and Golf courses,
  • Landslides prevention.
  • Geotextiles(Woven and Nonwoven)
  • Geogrids
  • Geonets
  • Geomembranes
  • Geosynthetics clay liners (GCL)
  • Geocomposites
  • Geocells
  • Geotubes,Geobags
  • Geopipes
  • Geofoams
  • Glass grids
  • Geojutes ,Geocoir and Bamboo
  • Geo strips
  • Gabions
  • Prefabricated vertical drains(PVD)
  • Hybrid geosynthetics
  • Nano technology and Geosynthetics
  • Reinforced fibers